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S2E25: Shalu Umapathy, IDEO.org

Managing Director of New Ventures, IDEO.org
Nov 24, 2020

IDEO.org designs products and services alongside organizations that are committed to creating a more just and inclusive world.

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How do we put the [communities] in the driver’s seat? When we’re investing our time and our resources and our energy, how are we shifting the power that may have sat with funders who might have pre-determined what those criteria were, and create a new set of criteria around investments?

Shalu Umapathy, Managing Director of New Ventures at IDEO.org, shares how her organization creates a more just and inclusive world through people-centered design. As the nonprofit arm of the innovation and design firm by the same name, IDEO.org partners with organizations to pioneer new ways of working and builds tools that help millions of people learn and practice human-centered design.

Shalu explores what innovation means in the nonprofit sector in the context of COVID-19, how to make it stick in the long term, and how her team sees it as a path toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Visit IDEO.org to learn more about people-centered design and their philanthropic and humanitarian work.