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Episode 14: Daniel Horgan

Senior Director, Corporate Engagement, MENTOR
Feb 5, 2019

Daniel uses his experience in the private and social sector to develop unique and impactful partnerships that engage corporate volunteers as mentors and champions of the mentorship movement.

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Now that I've worked in different sectors, I feel like I can play the role of helping to translate between the sectors...anything we are doing in the philanthropic space needs to be aligned to a business goal.

As National Mentoring Month (January) comes to a close, we are excited to share the incredible cross-sector career of Daniel Horgan, Senior Director, Corporate Engagement at MENTOR, where he is responsible for building and managing corporate partnerships that help close the youth mentoring gap in America while meeting business goals. Daniel joins Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly in a conversation about how his perspective in both the private and social sector enables him to align a corporation's best assets - its people - to make a difference for their communities through mentorship, and how his role as a YMCA Summer Camp volunteer at age 12 sparked his career in service. 

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