Common Impact unlocks your company’s most strategic philanthropic asset – your employees – building the talent of your company and the strength of your communities at once.

The skills-based volunteer services we offer meet the goals of companies at any stage in their skills-based program development, from companies in the initial stages of thinking about a skills-based program to those wanting to scale and integrate a current, successful program. Because Common Impact is results oriented, we offer a flexible set of services for both our nonprofit clients and corporate partners.

Program Design

For companies that are looking to develop a skills-based program for the first time or expand the impact of an existing skills-based program

Our program design service supports companies in building integrated, sustainable pro bono programs that extract maximum value for associates, companies and nonprofit partners.   This begins with defining  philanthropic, employee engagement, talent management and training goals to identify areas for skills-based program integration. We then design a program that synthesizes those goals into an integrated employee engagement model that extracts the most value for your nonprofit partners, your associates, and your company.  You’ll be provided with a detailed framework for this program along with the operational, marketing and implementation plan that will bring it to life.

Program Implementation

For companies that are looking for support in implementing a successful skills-based program

Our implementation services support companies in running their skills-based programs, including sourcing nonprofit partners, scoping projects, managing the project for success, and evaluating the project’s impact on the company, employee and nonprofit organization. This is a great offering for companies who want to build a robust skills-based program but don’t want to dedicate ongoing internal resources to running the program.

Thought Leadership

For companies that are looking to become the leaders in the field of skills-based and pro bono service

Our thought leadership services are designed for companies who want to showcase their leadership in the skillsbased service and pro bono marketplace. We partner with companies to conduct and publish research and build thought leadership platforms that help other organizations benefit from their unique approach to skills-based programs.

Some of our Specialities


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