About Us

Common Impact is a nonprofit organization that accelerates the solution to social problems through innovative cross-sector program design.  A pioneer in skills-based volunteerism, our programs and research  unlock this critical resource for both companies and nonprofits - strengthening the talent and leadership of the corporate sector while addressing key business challenges at nonprofit organizations. This strategic approach to corporate community service enables companies to realize a positive return on their social investment while building stronger teams and developing employee skills. At the same time, this access to private sector talent enables nonprofits to amplify their impact on the constituents they serve. Ultimately, our work helps foster stronger communities wherever those companies operate.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all of America's leading companies invest the talents of their employees in the high-potential nonprofits poised to solve social problems, generating compounding value for local communities and global companies alike.

Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold: to help high-potential nonprofit organizations better meet their missions by connecting them to a community of engaged, skilled professionals; and to return business value to companies seeking unconventional solutions to engaging and developing tomorrow's leaders.

Our Approach

The most sustainable means of building stronger and healthier communities is to create alignment between the needs of leading companies and the local communities in which they operate. Our proven approach to this work is both visionary and grounded in real-world practices.

Stronger Communities through Cross-Sector Collaboration

Common Impact builds stronger communities by facilitating collaborations between global companies and locally focused nonprofits. By contributing the time and skills of talented people, companies help nonprofits achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. The added momentum allows nonprofits to improve their depth and breadth of services, amplifying their impact. The result: substantial, quantifiable value to both sectors, translating into stronger, healthier communities.

Focus on Strategy and Innovation

Uniting the talent, energy, and commitment of the corporate and nonprofit worlds fosters the creativity needed to tackle our society’s most pressing challenges.  Common Impact’s services are designed to be flexible and adaptable in order to create the right environment for that innovation to flourish.  Our work is grounded in our belief that implementation without long term strategy does not create lasting impact. As a result, we spend time with each corporate partner and nonprofit client to understand their strategic goals, ensuring that all engagements for both parties add lasting value.

Emphasis on Shared Value

Investing in relationships that create shared value yields outstanding results. We build collaborations that respect the unique culture, brand, and core competencies of corporate partners while also meeting the challenges and goals of our nonprofit clients. Engaging employees adds value for participating companies. The Common Impact model bolsters morale, enhances teamwork, and provides leadership skills that propel the workforce.