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Pen Howell


I want to live in a more interconnected, interdepenedent, equitable and regenerative world. I do this work because corporations are uniquely positioned to generate and scale positive social and environmental impact, and supporting nonprofit organizations in the important work that they do is one powerful way to do so.

Pen Howell is a community builder, advocate, and urbanist, with a deep belief in the power of business to catalyze social change. In his role as Consultant with Common Impact, Pen helps to create more interconnected communities through the creation of unlikely partnerships between the businesses and nonprofit organizations that inhabit them.

Pen began his career in the housing space – first as a tenants rights organizer, and later, spearheading marketing, events, and community health for a 5,000 member renewable energy cooperative. Pen then joined the Community Activation team at B Lab, where he engaged the community of North American B Corp leaders through the creation of partnerships, digital campaigns and in-person events across the US and Canada. Directly prior to joining the Common Impact team, Pen spent two years in the technology startup space, with a focus on environmental sustainability and social impact of transportation and supply chains. 

Pen is an east coast native and recent transplant to Chicago, where he is pursuing an MA in Sustainable Urban Development with a focus on community economic development. Pen holds a BA from Temple University, and is a 2017-2019 mayoral appointee to the inaugural Millennial Advisory Committee for the city of Philadelphia.