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Emily Patrick

Senior Manager, Marketing


When we come together to share our skills and expertise, we open each other up to new ways of thinking, approaching our work, and strengthening our communities. United, we are a true force for positive change.

Emily Patrick is a communications professional with a background in public relations. In her role as Senior Marketing Manager, she leverages Common Impact’s social media, blog, and podcast to advance the organization’s thought leadership initiatives and build rewarding partnerships between the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Emily is enthusiastic about the power of skills-based volunteering and pro bono work to bring people together, enabling them to apply their diverse talents and expertise to strengthen their communities.

Before joining Common Impact, Emily worked at travel public relations agency NJF where she used her writing, media relations, and strategic communication abilities to increase brand awareness and consumer engagement on behalf of clients such as Intrepid Travel and the South Dakota Department of Tourism. Previously, Emily worked at public relations agency Allison+Partners supporting clients across the tech, travel, and food & beverage industries, including Samsung and Orbitz.

Emily attended NYU where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Media, Culture, and Communication with a minor in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology.