Stories of Our Impact

Urbanity Dance

Creating a financial management system for sound decision-making and greater community engagement

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The Challenge

Urbanity Dance is a Boston-based dance company that pushes the limits of
contemporary dance technique and inspires audiences with its fresh and
imaginative approach to movement. An agent of artistic vitality and community engagement, Urbanity touches the lives of over two thousand people per year through its educational and open access programming, which educates and empowers community members to find their own creativity and artistic voice.

With a small administrative team and a consequent need for more efficient
fiscal procedures and systems, Urbanity Dance sought to create a more robust
and facile financial management system.

The Solution

Common Impact mobilized a team of business analysis experts from State Street to evaluate and improve Urbanity’s internal fiscal procedures. The team’s mission was to 1) analyze Urbanity’s existing financial systems, 2) generate expert recommendations for system enhancements and, 3) create the tangible tools and structures needed for Urbanity to effectively and autonomously manage its finances.

Our Impact

Over the course of five months, the State Street team worked to understand and assess Urbanity’s existing fiscal structures and recommended sustainable
system improvements. Equipped with new fiscal knowledge, tools, and procedures, Urbanity is now able to make informed, strategic program decisions, expand its operational capabilities, and focus more of its resources on engaging diverse populations and enriching the community through dance and artistic expression.

“These new financial tools enable us to make the strategic decisions that will allow the organization to sustain itself fiscally, while expanding its educational programming and community connections.”

– Urbanity Dance Board member