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Meet the Millennials

Recruiting Generation Y

The Challenge

With Baby Boomers preparing to retire, competing in the “war for talent” is an increasingly critical challenge. Millennials, however, are bringing a new set of expectations to the workplace – a heightened concern for society, training, and career advancement opportunities – that companies are struggling to address. For instance, 97% of Millennials believe companies should offer opportunities for employees to contribute work-related skills to non-profit organizations, yet only 30% agree their companies have compelling programs to encourage employee volunteerism (Deloitte, 2007). 

The Solution

Common Impact helps companies attract young talent with employee engagement programs that offer Gen Y a sense of purpose, reward, and career advancement opportunities. Of the 20% of Millenials who volunteer weekly, 42% describe their ideal work environment as one that will help improve society, outranking all other factors including salary (Cone, 2006). Through team-based assignments that pair corporate teams to high-potential nonprofits, employees apply their skills to strengthen their communities – and in the process, develop the new skills they will need to lead. 

Our Impact

91% of Common Impact participants say their experience made them feel more inclined to recommend their company as a great place to work and provided a valuable professional development opportunity. 

“That’s what we want from employers…a chance to learn, to be challenged, and to be taken seriously.”

– Millennial marketing associate

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