Stories of Our Impact

Junior Achievement

From Tactics to Strategic Visioning Over Three Common Impact Engagements

Junior Achievement image

The Challenge

Junior Achievement had successfully completed two projects with Common Impact that laid a perfect foundation for the third. This third project with a Common Impact team from Fidelity's Workplace Investing group would ideally follow-up  on and take Junior Achievement from 0-60: from a point of low level IT infrastructure development (basic networking set-up), through a focus on process development, to a strategic visioning process that would result in a new vision and direction for JA's IT and organizational strategy.

The Solution

Junior Achievement strived in the direction of becoming the next "JA City," an auspicious, but significant investment of time and resources for an already busy organization with limited resources.

The volunteer team completed a rigorous strategic visioning process in partnership with JA; working closely together to assess and understand where the best focus of JA's talents, time and resources could go to support their mission and serve more kids.

Our Impact

JA is poised and ready to roadtest their new strategic direction for the future. The project helped them chart a sustainable yet aggressive roadmap for growth and advancement, ultimately to serve more kids in the future. 

The Common Impact/Fidelity team was very thorough, and it was obvious that they dedicated a significant amount of time to our project!

– Junior Achievement