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Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

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The Challenge

For 13 years, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) has been building healthy economies in America's inner cities. ICIC acts to transform thinking, provide cities with a new vision for economic development and engage the resources of the private sector to accelerate inner-city business growth. As they looked to further extend their impact on inner city growth and investment, ICIC was seeking to purchase a new customer relationship management (CRM)system.

The Solution

Common Impact matched ICIC with Steve Morin, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at TAC Worldwide. A veteran in the arena of business and information systems innovation and management, Steve mentored ICIC in this significant CRM purchasing decision.

Our Impact

As their IT Mentor, Steve collaborated with ICIC's leadership team to guide them with the request for proposal (RFP) preparation and dissemination step of this purchase. Steve responded to vendor questions and provided support in formulating ICIC's RFP response and evaluations. Lastly, with the vendor selection in place, Steve provided input in the contractual language for the final agreement with the new vendor. With the new system deployed, all teams at ICIC will have a unified system for shared databases and reporting to manage the many initiatives they have in place.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with the ICIC team as an IT Mentor from Common Impact on this strategic project. It was invigorating to work with such a high energy team that is working so hard to help ICIC evolve its operations capabilities.”

– Steve Morin, IT Mentor, and VP and CIO, TAC Worldwide.

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