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Leadership Development

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The Challenge

With a predicted decline in 35-to 45-year-olds in the workforce, 97% of the Global 2000 indicate concern about current leadership bench strength (CorpU, 2007). In determining how companies can best improve their leadership bench, Hay Group research reveals that what separates the most admired Global 2000 companies for leadership from their peers is not the amount of time devoted to leadership development, but the quality of the effort (Hay Group, 1999).

The Solution

Common Impact proposes companies can more effectively develop leaders by engaging rising talent in "real world" opportunities to lead teams of their colleagues in challenging community engagements. Unlike e-learning or classroom training courses, these assignments help participants develop "soft skills" such as initiative communication, collaboration, people development, personal effectiveness, organizing, and presentation skills.

Our Impact

Contributing a couple of hours a week to virtual teams with their colleagues, Common Impact participants own the client relationship with the nonprofit and are responsible for delivering a high-quality solution. 82% report developing better teamwork skills, 77% improved creative thinking, and 85% increased flexibility.

"Workplaces are filled with frustrated people who want to advance but haven’t gotten enough training or broad enough experience"

– Peter Cappelli, Management Professor at Wharton

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