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Cambridge Arts Council (CAC)

Building the case for the arts as a differentiator

Cambridge Arts Council (CAC) image

The Challenge

The Cambridge Arts Council (CAC) nurtures the arts in every neighborhood of Cambridge. As CAC looks to engage more residents and visitors in their work, they identified a need for data to make the case for the arts as a vital component of Cambridge's uniqueness and edge.

The Solution

Common Impact, and a team from Accenture, defined metrics that will allow CAC to highlight how the arts keep Cambridge a great place to live, work and visit. CAC will use this data to build a new brochure that will communicate a compelling need for their work, helping them to deepen their engagement with the city of Cambridge and its residents.

Our Impact

With this brochure in hand, CAC will be able to communicate the need for on-going investments in the arts, helping the organization meet their mission of ensuring that the arts remain vital for all people living, working, and visiting Cambridge.

Being in a position to help CAC develop a strategic business case for their work was great experience for me to get.

– Jonathan Pecor, Team Lead, Accenture

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