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Boston Partners in Education (BPE)

A new personnel policy for a more satisfied staff.

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The Challenge

For over 40 years, BPE has partnered with the Boston Public Schools (BPS)to recruit,train,place and support volunteers that work with K-12 students in the BPS. Most of staff time has been devoted to running the programs that make this mission possible,with no staff time devoted to human resources. Without a formal process for employee orientations or an organization-specific personnel policy, human resource issues were dealt with on an as-needed basis.

The Solution

Common Impact matched BPE to volunteers from Fidelity Investments’ Human Resource Department,who are experts in their
field. They worked with BPE to understand the organization’s culture and help codify policies that would communicate and nurture that culture. Today, BPE has a documented personnel policy that consistently communicates BPE’s expectations and employee benefits.

Our Impact

With this upgraded personnel policy in place,BPE employees now have a place to turn for immediate answers to their questions about employee work time and benefits. With a more knowledgeable and satisfied workforce,BPE will be able to more effectively meet its goal of enhancing the academic abilities of Boston Public School students.

“(The volunteer team )asked us the right questions, helped us revise where needed, made suggestions and added information where required. They helped us complete a project that we had been working on over a year in the period of four months.”

– Pamela Civins, Executive Director

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