Skilled-Volunteering 101: Is Your Organization Ready to Engage?

By Common Impact and Capital One, Common Impact Research

The majority of nearly 200 nonprofit leaders surveyed report that budgetary constraints and limited access to expertise are key barriers to building organizational sustainability. In 2009, Common Impact and Capital One partnered to survey more than 185 nonprofit leaders on the capacity challenges they face.

These Executive Directors largely understand how skills-based volunteering is an effective tool in talent engagement for talent they couldn't otherwise afford to hire, but what they are less sure about is how to effectively engage these resources.

In an effort to close the gap between nonprofits' needs for skills-based volunteerism, and their ability to leverage this resource, we have created this handbook to help nonprofits assess their readiness for skills-based volunteering, with examples, case studies and tools for measuring the impact of skills-based volunteering initiatives.