Common Impact and Capital One Collaborate on Landmark Study of Nonprofit Organizations

Common Impact, a nonprofit organization that is helping global companies and local nonprofits build stronger communities through employee engagement programs, announced that Capital One has become the primary sponsor of a major research study of nonprofit organizations. The relationship demonstrates Capital One's continuing commitment to supporting the kind of pro bono skills-based volunteering programs that Common Impact delivers through effective corporate partnerships. The study  includes three phases of research, the second and third of which will be underwritten through Capital One's generous commitment to the project.

The first phase found that the vast majority of nonprofits significantly under-invest in operational areas such as marketing, HR and IT. In the second phase of the research, Common Impact examined the relationship between capacity building and greater mission effectiveness, setting sector benchmarks and assessing which organizations meet those benchmarks. The third phase was to analyze the performance improvement that nonprofits realize by investing enough to meet or exceed the benchmarks defined for organizations of similar size.

"In underwriting Common Impact's research, we will help create a better understanding of infrastructure needs in the nonprofit sector on a national scale," said Emily Talley, senior director of community affairs at Capital One. "Pro bono volunteer service is an important part of Capital One's community engagement model, and through our work with Common Impact we are delighted to advance research that will foster stronger nonprofit organizations in our local communities."

Capital One maintains a strong commitment to good corporate citizenship through a variety of initiatives, from environmentally sound operating practices to community financial education, economic development lending, after school and literacy programs and holiday outreach activities. Details about Capital One's corporate citizenship can be found here.