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Shared Value Summit 2018 Reflection image

Shared Value Summit 2018 Reflection

By Danielle Holly | May 8, 2018

When Common Impact’s clients ask me what events they should attend to understand the next generation of CSR, employee engagement and for-purpose business, I always point them to the Shared…

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Unlocking Purpose and Profit image

Unlocking Purpose and Profit

By Danielle Holly | Apr 20, 2016

We have all seen corporate community engagement undergo a transformation in the past 20 years.  Through the 1990’s a company’s engagement strategy was largely driven by compliance, aligning to policies…

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The CSR Scoop - 9/11/2015 image

The CSR Scoop - 9/11/2015

By Danielle Holly | Sep 11, 2015

This week’s Scoop is inspired by the back-to-school buzz in the air!  We explore new models of purpose based learning, building systems and skill sets for change, and the way…

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The CSR Scoop - 7/29/2015 image

The CSR Scoop - 7/29/2015

By Jacquelyn Hodgson | Jul 29, 2015

Common Impact’s Jackie Hodgson is guest writing this week’s SCOOP, and has everything you need to get you over the Wednesday hump.  Read on to learn more about the supply…

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The CSR Scoop - 4/17/2015 image

The CSR Scoop - 4/17/2015

By Molly Weinstein | Apr 17, 2015

Common Impact is excited to launch a new weekly blog series: The CSR Scoop. Every Friday, we’ll be sharing the scoop on corporate citizenship, employee engagement, skills-based volunteerism, nonprofit leadership,…

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New Year’s Wishes

New Year’s Wishes

By Danielle Holly | Dec 16, 2014

As we leave 2014 and look to a fresh new year, team and Board members at Common Impact share their hopes for 2015: we have some audacious goals ahead! Above…

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Lessons from the Social Sector

Lessons from the Social Sector

By Danielle Holly | Sep 10, 2014

While the ideas of cross-sector collaboration and shared value have been popular for a while --  indeed, so popular that they are in danger of being oversubscribed and overused --…

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