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Cruise is Driving Communities Forward

By Admin | Nov 16, 2020

As the second wave of COVID-19 surges, so does the urgency of needs in our most vulnerable communities, which have been disproportionately impacted by the resultant economic instability. BasicAs the second wave of COVID-19 surges, so does the urgency of needs in our

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Shared Value Summit 2018 Reflection

By Danielle Holly | May 8, 2018

When Common Impact’s clients ask me what events they should attend to understand the next generation of CSR, employee engagement and for-purpose business, I always point them to

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Program Spotlight: City Mission

By Common Impact Guest Blogger | Sep 20, 2016

This week, we’re highlighting a project with a talented team from State Street and its nonprofit partner, City Mission, a social justice organization that unites communities and

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Engaging Remote Employees

By Danielle Holly | May 17, 2016

We all recognize that today’s workforce is increasingly virtual and global.  Indeed, up to 90% of the US workforce reports working out of the office at least part

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Unlocking Purpose and Profit

By Danielle Holly | Apr 20, 2016

We have all seen corporate community engagement undergo a transformation in the past 20 years.  Through the 1990’s a company’s engagement strategy was largely driven by compliance,

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Impact Inspirations: Capital Good Fund

By Molly Weinstein | Jan 29, 2016

We’re excited to bring you a brand new blog series Impact Inspirations, where we will be spotlighting our most inspiring skills-based volunteering projects! To kick us off, we

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2016 Outlook: Business and Purpose

By Danielle Holly | Jan 14, 2016

In President Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday, he called on business to be a force for good through the strong and fair treatment of employees.  

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Pro Bono Perspectives: Janelle Woods-McNish

By Common Impact Guest Blogger | Sep 3, 2015

We all know that skills-based volunteering is a great idea for companies, its people and, most importantly, the nonprofits that deliver critical services every day to our communities.  Still,

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The CSR Scoop - 8/26/2015

By Molly Weinstein | Aug 26, 2015

We are going back to our roots this week and talking about our raison d’être: skills-based volunteering. Common Impact has been in this line of work for

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The CSR Scoop - 8/19/2015

By Molly Weinstein | Aug 19, 2015

This week, we’re talking about purpose. What is it? How do we channel and leverage it? Why bother? Read on to find out! The Scoop:   We talk

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The CSR Scoop - 7/29/2015

By Jacquelyn Hodgson | Jul 29, 2015

Common Impact’s Jackie Hodgson is guest writing this week’s SCOOP, and has everything you need to get you over the Wednesday hump.  Read on to

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The CSR Scoop - 7/22/2015

By Lauren Salzman | Jul 22, 2015

Happy hump day!  We know that Wednesdays are particularly tough in the summer, as we look forward to those long, summer weekends.  To bring you into the home

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The CSR Scoop - 7/14/2015

By Molly Weinstein | Jul 14, 2015

In the easy, breezy spirit of summer, we’re keeping the Scoop light this week with the top recently released articles, blogs, interviews, and events that we think are

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The CSR Scoop - 7/07/2015

By Molly Weinstein | Jul 7, 2015

We’re just coming off the holiday weekend, during which we celebrated all that makes our country great. Among those things to celebrate is the exciting work being done

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The CSR Scoop - 6/26/2015

By Molly Weinstein | Jun 26, 2015

Another week gone and we are just shocked by how this summer is flying by! Let’s stop to smell the roses – and to catch up on what

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The CSR Scoop - 6/12/2015

By Molly Weinstein | Jun 12, 2015

It’s Friday – time for the CSR Scoop, your roundup of the latest ideas, initiatives, and strategies that are driving our businesses and communities towards positive social change.

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The CSR Scoop - 6/05/2015

By Molly Weinstein | Jun 5, 2015

With June upon us, it’s tough to sit inside at a desk all day and remain engaged and passionate about the work on the screen in front of

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The CSR Scoop - 5/29/2015

By Molly Weinstein | May 29, 2015

As we close out the hectic springtime months and look towards a (slightly) calmer summer timetable, professionals across the sectors are hoping to use the extra time to reflect on

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The CSR Scoop - 5/15/2015

By Molly Weinstein | May 15, 2015

The debate is on! This week, a number of industry thought leaders reflected on today’s shifting business and social landscape and raised a few bold, controversial points. As

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The CSR Scoop - 5/08/2015

By Molly Weinstein | May 8, 2015

“CSR is a current world view and one that needs to be embraced.” We heard message loud and clear this week in in political blogs, HR reports, generational

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The CSR Scoop - 5/01/2015

By Molly Weinstein | May 1, 2015

We were excited to see interesting discourse this week on a number topics near and dear to our hearts: cross-sector solutions, evolving business standards and strategies, purpose-driven careers, volunteer engagement,

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An Interview with John Gerzema

By Danielle Holly | Apr 27, 2015

CEO Danielle Holly recently sat down with John Gerzema, best-selling author of “The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future,”

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The CSR Scoop - 4/24/2015

By Molly Weinstein | Apr 24, 2015

Volunteer Week may have officially ended on April 18th, but chatter from the corporate and nonprofit sectors this week kept volunteering at the forefront of the CSR discussion. The scoop

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The CSR Scoop - 4/17/2015

By Molly Weinstein | Apr 17, 2015

Common Impact is excited to launch a new weekly blog series: The CSR Scoop. Every Friday, we’ll be sharing the scoop on corporate citizenship, employee engagement, skills-based volunteerism,

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The Power of Corporate Volunteerism

By Danielle Holly | Mar 31, 2015

On March 25th, The Boston Globe published the article “Corporate Volunteers can be a burden for nonprofits.”  Its central argument: corporate volunteers are an ineffective resource for

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Making Pro Bono Week into Pro Bono Daily

Making Pro Bono Week into Pro Bono Daily

By Dana Yonchak | Nov 26, 2014

Pro Bono Week, the annual weeklong celebration of pro bono and volunteerism that takes place in late October, raises awareness and recognition for the value created for individuals, companies and

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Let’s Give Volunteering A Facelift!

Let’s Give Volunteering A Facelift!

By Danielle Holly | Aug 22, 2014

(Originally posted to Business Doing Good, 4.10.14)  What image comes to your mind when you think of employee volunteerism? Perhaps a team of smiling people at a local shelter in

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