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New Year’s Wishes

New Year’s Wishes

By Danielle Holly | Dec 16, 2014

As we leave 2014 and look to a fresh new year, team and Board members at Common Impact share their hopes for 2015: we have some audacious goals ahead!

Above all, we hope that in working together with you - our partners, our friends and our supporters - we can help create a more just and equitable world in 2015.


David Shapiro, Board member and CEO, Mentor:  "My hope for 2015 is that we focus more on investing in powerful solutions to close the opportunity gap and less on divisive, petty, and sensationalistic politics that often present false choices."


Christine Letts, Board member, Harvard Kennedy School: "I look forward to many more young professionals becoming acquainted with the many diverse and creative nonprofits that are helping to solve the most intractable problems not only in our city, but across the country.”


Molly Weinstein, CI team: "In 2015, I hope we no longer use nonprofit overhead as dirty words, but rather recognize that strong operations, infrastructure, and talent drive an organization’s impact."


Pamela Paton, Board member: “I hope that 2015 brings peace and the joy of giving to others in our communities.”


Jacques Ouimet, Board member, VP at Manulife Financial: “I wish for many more nonprofits to realize that they can significantly enhance their services by leveraging the many technologies available to them at no or little cost.”


Anne Marcus, Board member: “My hope is that businesses have the resources and the knowledge to solve many of society's immense challenges. I would like to see businesses collaborating and sharing their resources and knowledge with each other, in order to create much needed change.”


Danielle Holly, CI team:  "My hope is that more people who have the resources, influence, skills and drive to make real change in our communities – and that have the power to give us more positive, inspiring newspaper headlines than we’ve seen in 2014 – will find that unique way they can contribute, and do it!"


Allan Hackney, Board member: “At 25.4%, US volunteerism is at the lowest rate since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started publishing this statistic during 2002.  My wish for 2015 is that we're able to reverse this decline by collaborating with more corporate partners and community-based not-for-profits.”


Dana Yonchak, CI team: “In 2015, my hope is that companies increasingly recognize the business and strategic value of skilled volunteering programs and corporate citizenship; and that nonprofits can find more real ways to collaborate with each other and innovate ways to fund such collaboration.”


Patricia Vaccaro-Coburn, CI team: “In the new year, I hope that we will see movement towards policies to strengthen American democracy; and for healing in communities affected by oppression and oppression-related violence.”


Kristina Wessel, CI team: "In 2015, I hope to see a growing trend towards collaboration between HR and CSR departments to leverage employees as one of the greatest resources corporations have to impact positive change in communities through skills based volunteer opportunities."