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Tis’ the Season: A Roundup of our Favorite CSR Blogs

By Lauren Salzman | Dec 15, 2015

Tis' the season! In light of the holidays and the last few weeks of 2015, we've put together a new type of reading list to get you through those cold winter days.  Below you will find a roundup of our team's favorite CSR and employee engagement blogs. Browse through the list for best practices, the latest and greatest CSR news or to just learn more about how employee engagement is becoming increasingly more prevalent within companies. 

From Lauren: The WeSpire Employee Engagement Weekly news Roundup is one my favorite industry resources for many reasons. For one, you can always expect an email in your inbox on Friday afternoon without fail to lead you into the weekend equipped with the most up to date CSR and employee engagement news. Additionally, the content is really pertinent to our skills-based volunteering work at Common Impact and helps pin point concrete ways to increase employee engagement for both business leaders and intrapreneurs alike. These ideas propose innovative ways that companies can get more employees behind skills based volunteering as a way to positively impact their community.

Stanford Social Innovation Review


From JackieWith articles covering a wide-range of social issues that are targeted at varied audiences, Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) is a resourceful blog for any social change leader. SSIR is particularly useful because it divides relevant articles by sector (Business, Foundations, Government, Nonprofit or Social Enterprise), making it easy to learn about and track the differences and similarities of social change work across all sectors. SSIR also provides resources for leaders to take action and increase the efficacy of the social sector with articles on innovative ways to influence public policy, collaborate across sectors, measure and evaluate programs, and more.

Bea Boccalandro's Job Purposing Blog


From Kara:  A blog that entices me is Bea Boccalandro’s Job Purposing Blog. She defines job purposing as a means to “Broaden social mission to heighten employee engagement, performance and wellbeing.” This resonates with not only my own beliefs, but also the work that Common Impact does each and every day. From addressing what job purposing looks like, to employee engagement, to finding social purpose within your business, Bea tackles all angles of what an organization (or a single employee) can do to find true meaning in the workplace. Through humor, experience, and facts, Bea ties it all together – check it out!

Social Velocity


From Molly:  Every time I see a Social Velocity blog post enter my inbox, I know that it will provide a healthy dose of inspiration and realism – an unusual hybrid! Nell Edgington’s blog expounds the most entrenched, complex issues that nonprofit leaders face and untangles them thoughtfully and productively. Edgington’s content is fresh and unique and she keeps it exciting with a nice mix of long-form musings, instructive posts, interviews, and resource round-ups. Nonprofit leaders, corporate volunteers, impact investors, and strategy junkies alike will all enjoy Edgington’s insightful narrative and benefit from her pragmatic and innovative recommendations.

Realized Worth


From Patricia:  This blog is more than a collection of nice ideas – it’s truly useful resource for pro bono mobilizers and champions. Realized Worth provides readers with evidence-based arguments, vetted data, and tangible tools. Their blogs elevate how we conceptualize pro bono, communicate its value, measure our impact, and share our stories. If you have your pro bono ABC’s down cold, and are ready for a deep dive into best practices, Realized Worth is a blog for you. For the curious neophyte, this blog also provides excellent framing on “getting started” topics such as how to define corporate volunteerism and make a strong business case. 

What blogs are inspiring you lately?  Let us know what we should add to our list!