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Salesforce Speedforce Sensation!

Salesforce Speedforce Sensation!

By Dana Yonchak | Dec 12, 2014

What an incredibly inspiring and super-charged #GivingTuesday we had! Common Impact hosted its first Salesforce “Speedforce” event on #GivingTuesday at General Assembly in Boston, with 30 nonprofits digging into free Salesforce consulting from Salesforce experts and consultants. We'd especially like to thank the Salesforce Foundation,, Cloud4Good, 501PartnersLaRosa Consulting, Root Capital and Redbase Group for giving their time and skills.

Common Impact’s Patricia Vaccaro-Coburn will be blogging more on this great event soon, but we wanted to share a few quotes and photos from the day for inspiration.

“What I thought was a small problem, turned out to be a big one, and now that it's fixed, I've saved hours (weeks) of manual work. THANK YOU.” - Chefs Collaborative, Inc.

“The hour-consult today provided the last bit of information I needed to make my final decision about switching to Salesforce.” - Whale and Dolphin Conservation

“I was extremely satisfied on seeing the glow on my customer's face when she said that she could not believe it was such a simple configuration. She has been struggling with inaccurate search results for months! It made me realize how much impact we can create by just spending 5-10 minutes with our foundation customers.” – Consultant

“This was very valuable - so helpful to have that one-on-one time dedicated to your organization’s needs. I hope to go to similar events in the future!” - Opportunity Nation

“I was excited to meet with local nonprofits and arm them with all the resources and options available to them which will ensure their success with Salesforce. Being on the Success Services team here at Salesforce, I felt honored to meet with the folks who help move the world forward. It was my pleasure to be their Salesforce Success guardian.” - Sue Barbieri,

“Our volunteer was able to take us into specifics and make it really easy to form an action plan for the future that will bring everyone on board and make it easier for them to say 'yes' to Salesforce going forward.” - Peace First

“Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity - we found it incredibly helpful and are already utilizing some of the new tools Kelly showed us.” - Last Mile Health