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By Danielle Holly | Sep 30, 2014

Our world is at an exciting and challenging moment in time.  In some ways, the challenges that our communities face have never seemed so large.  Every day we hear a new statistic on how climate change is impacting the places where we live and work.  We hear about the amount of food we waste while millions of people go hungry.  We hear about the children that don't have access to the education that they need to contribute to our future workforce.  These challenges are pervasive and impossible to ignore -- whether we're opening our newspapers or our front doors.  And they feel overwhelming. How can we each, with so little time to spare in our always-busier days, make a real difference on these seemingly goliath challenges? 

Common Impact creates a solution to this challenge for individuals, companies and nonprofits. We help individuals from all backgrounds and experiences connect to the work that will help our communities thrive. Whether you're sitting in the corner office of a large corporation, at a desk in the basement of a small start-up, or you're out in the field directly delivering services to the people that need them, there's a way that you can work with purpose towards our community's shared goals.  

Our blog is for the curious, the innovative, the change-makers: for you who recognize our society’s challenges, see how big they are, and immediately start rolling up your sleeves. Our hope is that it serves as an incubation tank for new ideas, a place for us to share the incredible work that people do every day, and to help build a community that supports and inspires each other. Ultimately, we hope it helps you and other readers take that next step: to open your front door and step forward with purpose.