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A Stronger Community

By Danielle Holly | Nov 14, 2016

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

- Martin Luther King, Jr. 


After a polarizing and tumultuous few days following Tuesday’s election, many in our community are still reeling.  Whatever your views on the results, we have an uncertain road ahead.  And as we embark on a new week and begin to determine how the new political reality will shape our continued efforts to build stronger communities together, I want to share two pieces that have resonated with me deeply amongst the din of analysis that has been written over the past few days. 

Common Impact has the privilege of working with individuals and organizations who represent an incredibly diverse mix of sectors, experiences, nationalities, and political beliefs.  We understand how important listening – that is, really hearing each other – and working together across those differences can be, since every day we see the powerful results of such diversity working in collaboration.  We recognize that tolerance and understanding are developed when people talk about what they’re most passionate about, not what their job function might be or how they’re labeled on a business card (or otherwise).  We know that when individuals match their passion with the opportunity to engage in meaningful service, we advance the shared goal of positive social change. 

We see hope, change, and progress.  Every single day. 

To our nonprofit partners, whose fight for equity and peace is more difficult and more necessary than ever, we are with you. 

To our skills-based volunteers, who channel your values, talents, and passions through service with Common Impact, we need you. 

To everyone in Common Impact’s community who has always understood that bridging differences is the root of our collective strength, you give us hope to carry on, and together we will do so. 

With gratitude and ambition,