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Dana Benjamin

Project Consultant

Dana Benjamin, Project Consultant

Dana is a Project Consultant at Common Impact. She was fortunate to be introduced to and work with Common Impact in 2014 while working for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Middlesex County, MA (BGMC). Partnering with John Hancock, she worked with an incredibly talented volunteer group to rethink the organization’s IT infrastructure and create a five-year enhancement and implementation plan. Her learnings from and experience with Common Impact laid the groundwork for helping organizations improve systems and infrastructure.

Dana’s personal and professional life is rooted in service, with youth development as its hallmark. Since serving as an AmeriCorps member in 2005, she has been profoundly impacted by the power, possibility, and potential of bringing people together to solve complex challenges. Dana’s professional journey has included senior leadership roles at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Middlesex County, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, the Massachusetts Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. As a community leader in the local, regional, and national nonprofit space she creates systems and uses data to solve problems, streamline processes, and improve outcomes. For 13 years, she helped the Boys & Girls Clubs and other nonprofit organizations build capacity to support their mission, strategies, and growth by creating a dialogue that gives individuals an opportunity to understand technical concepts so that they can meaningfully engage in conversations and contribute to results.