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Edwin M. Kania, Jr.

Flagship Ventures

Ed Kania is Managing Partner and Co-Founder; Chairman Emeritus of Flagship Ventures. Ed has 30 years of experience in the venture capital industry. Prior to co-founding Flagship Ventures in 2000, he spent 14 years as General Partner of OneLiberty Ventures and of its predecessor firm, Morgan, Holland Ventures and he served as an Investment Officer at First Capital Corporation of Boston. Ed earned his undergraduate degree in physics from Dartmouth College and his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Throughout his professional career, Ed has operated both as an investor and as an active partner to entrepreneurs in company building. His direct investment experience covers over 100 companies. In addition, he has been intimately involved in the launch and development of more than 20 companies as the founding, lead or co-lead investor, and on occasion has assumed operating roles in support of management. Several of these companies are now publicly traded while others have been acquired by significant publicly-traded companies. The total value of the companies in which Ed has participated as founding or lead investor is currently several billion dollars. Ed is a director of several non-profit, public, and private companies.